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Commenting at We Ain't Got No History

With the transfer window in full swing, we just thought we'd take care of some housekeeping items

Julian Finney

It's silly season again, and every time silly season rolls around, all sorts of interesting stories make their way around the internet. This January has proven to be no exception from the start, and because of that, we've decided that now would be the time to mention a few things to help keep WAGNH running smoothly.

First, I want to remind everyone to be civil to one another and keep things Chelsea related. We will never all agree on things, and the comment section is a perfect place to debate Chelsea related news. Under no circumstances does that make it ok for things to get personal though, as we should all be more than capable of carrying on a civil conversation. Stay away from religion and politics as well, as those subjects very rarely have anything to do with Chelsea football. In the end, it's Chelsea football we're all here to discuss.

Secondly, keep comments mostly on the topic of that particular article. Lot's of news will be breaking, and we will do our best to get a post up on the important stuff as quickly as we can. Please try to keep the comments relating to the subject matter though, as that makes them easier to read and helps with the site's overall performance. If Kevin writes an article about Juan Mata, it's probably not the correct place to discuss the Bradford City game.

Keeping the comments mostly to the subject matter should help to keep articles from having 100+ comments that have nothing to do with the article, and that makes the load times better for everyone. If a string of comments starts and subject and wanders off, that's ok. If you think the first thing you need to do is mention that a comment you are about to post is off topic, that's a good sign that it doesn't belong.

Because of that, there is now a January transfer open thread fanpost that will be there all month. This would be the appropriate place to dump any links you may have found, and discuss any rumors that don't yet have an article published for them. Using that open thread will keep other articles loading faster for everyone, and make the comment sections of those articles much easier to follow as well.

If the comment section of the open thread fills up (and it will in all likelihood), we will make sure to throw up another one for the overflow. That should keep load times minimal, which is pretty important for those of you still using blackberries.

The third thing I'd like to make sure you guys are doing is using the subject line on comments. This allows people to collapse certain comments, which many readers like to do. This is especially important to remember if you are inserting images and gifs, as those can really make the comment threads difficult to follow and slow load times significantly. If you add a gif or image without using the subject line, the image will be erased.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure to think about what you are posting before you hit post. We aren't going to go overboard with the political correctness here, but at some point we do need to weed out those constantly saying offensive things. People will post things from time to time that offend others, and that's one of the reasons you all have the ability to flag comments. Don't start and argument with another poster about something they said, simply flag it for us and let us deal with it in private.

On that note, if you receive a warning telling you that certain things are best left unsaid here, don't continue to talk about those things in the comment section. That isn't an appropriate place to discuss what we feel is acceptable and what isn't, as 9 times out of 10 that's simply going to end up with everyone talking politics and taking things personally. Simply note the fact that we'd like to see that particular term or subject avoided, and move on.

Above all, enjoy the site and we will do our best to get you all of the news as soon as we can. The less time we have to spend moderating the comments sections, the more time we can spend writing.

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