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Mail: Chelsea start extension talks with Lampard

Julian Finney

Frank Lampard has scored three goals in his last three games and is now only ten away from breaking the all-time scoring record held by the great Bobby Tambling. He's also out of contract this summer and free to sign pre-contract agreements with other teams. That's causing consternation amongst Chelsea supporters who are having to juggle the fact that the 34-year-old is well past his prime with the urge to have him see out his career at the club he so perfectly represents.

The board is in much the same position, of course, except they also have to weigh up fan sentiment on top of that. Lampard is almost certainly not worth what he's being paid in terms of on-pitch production. He's also a symbol of the club, and most supporters will be rather thoroughly displeased if he leaves while still capable of playing top-flight football.

We're all desperate for news at this point. Fake quotes from Lampard's agent claiming that he was certain to leave the club in summer stirred up chaos earlier this week, and it's increasingly obvious that the Blues are going need to at least make a good-faith effort to retain his services lest they be considered even more out-of-touch with their fans.

So the hints that the Daily Mail's dropped -- despite having no concrete news and no really reliable sources -- today are encouraging. The Mail claims that talks are back on, although a reduction in wages hasn't been put forward. If Chelsea can end up talking Lampard into a reasonable deal on a lower salary, I think that would be best for all concerned, and although I'm not 100 percent sure that that's what they're trying to do just yet, any positive talk like this is worth smiling about.

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