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Three Blues' youngsters return to Cobham

Ben Gordon, Sam Walker, and Conor Clifford have all returned from loan spells

Rob Casey

Chelsea have had a small army of players out on loan, but on Thursday, four of those players have returned to their parent club. Earlier today we touched on the fact that Yossi Benayoun had returned from his loan to West Ham, although we didn't have more than that to tell. The official website of the club ran a story about their loanees today, and included updates on three more young players that have also made their way back to London.

Sam Walker was on a half season loan to Bristol City, and it appears the clubs have decided not to extend that loan. This is not all that surprising, as Walker has been fairly mediocre and the club just made a managerial change. Ben Gordon was not able to get himself into the squad at Birmingham, and he's also made his way back to London. Conor Clifford was sent out for a month, and his loan has been cut short by four days.

Two other players have loans set to expire after this weekend, with both Todd Kane and Patrick Bamford on short term assignments. Kane would seem likely to return on Monday, although Bamford may have impressed enough to see his deal extended. I'd assume that was part of the reasoning for throwing him out of the Bridge yesterday, as I'm sure the stewards were simply telling him to get back on the training table.

I'd assume the club will be looking for a chance to send all three out again, although I'm not sure if Clifford will be eligible to play elsewhere. He's now played official games for two clubs, but young players have been granted special permissions to go to a third loan club in the past. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see on all three, and hopefully any future moves go more smoothly than the ones they just finished.

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