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Stewards confuse Chelsea player for QPR fan, eject him from Stamford Bridge

Steve Bardens

All sorts of weirdness happened on Wednesday night but this one looks like it'll take the biscuit. Injured Chelsea loanee Patrick Bamford was watching the Blues take on Queens Park Rangers from the stands (with a QPR prospect, apparently) -- but not for very long. Check it:

Yep. That's a Chelsea player being ejected from Stamford Bridge because the stewards thought he was an opposing fan. Now, I have no idea what Bamford was doing*, but still. A Chelsea contracted played getting ejected from Stamford Bridge by someone not named Mike Dean? What in the actual hell is going on here?

*Presumably he didn't actually get around to cheering for the Blues, on account of them doing basically nothing worth supporting.

At least he was spared some of the game though. Unlike us.

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