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Eden Hazard charged by the FA

Michael Steele

We already knew that the FA were investigating after Eden Hazard's little clash with 17-year-old ballboy Charlie Morgan on Wednesday, so that he's facing an charge is entirely unsurprising. But English football's governing body has made said charge official, and Hazard... well, things don't look great. Here's the wording that should worry you:

It is alleged that Hazard’s behaviour in relation to a Swansea City ball boy, for which the player was dismissed in the 78th minute, constituted violent conduct whereby the standard punishment that would otherwise apply was clearly insufficient.

In other words, the FA are positing that Hazard deserves far longer than a three-match ban for violent conduct. That's obviously unfortunate news for Hazard and Chelsea, who would have been hoping to get away with a standard ban. I have the suspicion that if this goes to five or more matches, we'll see an appeal from the team focusing around the mitigating circumstances, but that would have the unfortunate effect of prolonging this case.

Not appealing, of course, would have the unfortunate effect of ruling Hazard out for a while, so the club's in a lose-lose situation here. Fun times.

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