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Chelsea 0 - QPR 1: Initial reaction and community rating form

Great decision making today Rafa, playing a backup squad worked out well, didn't it?

Chris Brunskill

This was some game, wasn't it? After 78 craptastic minutes, Shaun Wright-Phillips managed to put QPR ahead with a shot the Petr Cech may have been able to save. That would be the only goal of the game, and Chelsea ended up losing to QPR.

Pretty much everything Rafa Benitez did today was a failure. Marko Marin was awful, David Luiz looked horrible in the midfield, and the team looked disjointed on the whole. WHatever Torres-whispering he was doing before Christmas has also worn off, as Fernando had another truly awful game for the Blues. Here are some thoughts about this one in bullet point form:

  • QPR are just terrible. Parking the bus and playing for draws might be the most entertaining football 'Arry can get them to play. I honestly don't know how that team can possibly be that bad with the money they spent this summer. How exactly did we lose this one?
  • Marko Marin should have had a very short debut start. That was as clear a red card as I've seen not called this season. He should just stick to not trying to defend anything. That being said, this game was just very poorly officiated overall.
  • This would have been one of those games that a guy like Demba Ba would have been very useful to have in the starting lineup. I'm pretty excited to have someone besides Fernando Torres available again, especially after this terrible showing.
  • I like the idea of rotating the squad, but how about next time we don't rotate them all at once. If we have to do that though, why don't we do it in the cup game as opposed to the league game?
  • One of our games in hand has now been wasted, losing to the last place team in the Premier League just shouldn't ever happen.

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*I did the ratings scale before this one kicked off...oops

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