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Taison has visited Chelsea, is interested in a move to Stamford Bridge

Martin Rose

For most of the world, it's already January 2nd, but over here on the west coast of the USA, we're still holding on to New Year's Day. But either way, the transfer window is open, and that means things are going to get seriously silly around football soon. Expect Daniel Sturridge to be sold and a new striker brought in this week. And expect a lot of rumours.

Here's one of them:

I went to England (some weeks ago) just to take a look. I talked to the president. I see Oscar, who I played alongside at Internacional, and I want to play with him again.

-Taison. Source: Diario Popular via Sky Sports.

By 'President', the assumption is that Taison -- who plays in attacking midfield for Ukrainian side Metalist Kharkiv -- is referring to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. At least, that's what Sky are reporting. And the reference to Oscar is wholly unambiguous.

Taison wouldn't be visiting Abramovich if the club wasn't at least a little bit interested in acquiring him, but I really don't see where he fits into the team. He's not a true striker and hasn't really shown the attributes we need to back up or unseat Fernando Torres at centre forward, and we're already overloaded with talent in the attacking midfield areas.

Maybe Marko Marin needs a friend on the bench?

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