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The Great David Luiz Hair Panic of 2013!

When the Brazilian Chelsea star's mother published some Instagram photos seeming to show David Luiz having had a haircut, Chelsea fans were quick to panic. You see, David Luiz has endeared himself to Chelsea fans largely because of his extravagant hair.

Don't ever take this away, David Luiz. Never.
Don't ever take this away, David Luiz. Never.
Warren Little

Yes, folks, it's gone. The shaggy mop is gone. According to the Brazilian's mother, through her Instagram account reginamm4, David Luiz has had a haircut. As you can see in this picture, his mother Regina is in possession of a box full of freshly-cut hair resembling David Luiz's signature curls. Given that this box is labelled, "DL," it's safe to say he's been shorn. The caption on the photo reads, "Saiu a primeira porção! Cliente mantida em sigilo!" [Which Google translates to, "He left the first portion! Client kept secret!"] Yes. his hair is gone. Let's have a little moment.

Unfortunately, David Luiz hasn't yet released a picture confirming the loss of his shaggy mop, so we'll have to wait to make sure. Or do we? Thankfully, for the state of the Chelsea-supporting public, his mother did publish another photo... Captioned "David Luiz perdeu os cachinhos! Que garoto maluco!" ["David Luiz missed the curls! That crazy kid!" according to the ever-mysterious Google.] This photo shows that, as with the Great David Luiz Hair Panic of 2012, he's merely had a trim. That's a significant amount of hair, but that's certainly not an entire fleece. We can breathe easily! Panic over. Crisis averted. David Luiz, barring a future photo saying otherwise, is only slightly-less shaggy than he ought to be.

If he does show up with a close crop in the coming days, it will prove three things. A) David Luiz will be spending most of his time in midfield, 2) Marouane Fellaini will be a Chelsea player soon, and D) Chelsea have some sort of mad hair quota system, which probably explains Raul Meireles' gone-but-not-forgotten hair ferret of last season. [How can I miss that?]

Until proven otherwise, as I said, let's pretend David Luiz's mother and/or barber hasn't committed a tonsorial hate crime against Chelsea fans everywhere! Rejoice! Mead for everyone!

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