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A Thursday Fellaini update (of sorts)

Want some good news to cheer you up after a cruddy result on Wednesday? Read on...

Mike Hewitt

Yesterday L'Equipe teased us all by claiming that Chelsea were on the verge of signing Marouane Fellaini, but there hasn't been too much news in that regard since. After I got over the disappointing result from yesterday, I decided it was time to start doing a little digging and see what people have been saying.

Several reliable sources have been talking about it, and most seem to agree that there is, in fact, interest on both sides. Here's what one of my favorites, John Chapman, had to say on the matter:

Next up, we have an older update from Phil McNulty of the BBC, which confirms the existence of a release clause:

Blog favorite Dan Levene raised a potential mess that bringing in Fellaini could cause:

Meanwhile, Fellaini himself was a little bit busy today, as he and Vinnie Jones were releasing a new advertisement.

I really like the idea of signing Fellaini, as he's versatile enough to fill almost every hole that the club currently has, and he'd add another world class threat when Chelsea have set pieces. I'm starting to think there is more substance here than I did yesterday, as many people that I'd call reliable have been chiming in on the matter.I'll definitely be watching this closely, as I'd really like to see this particular deal go through. Hopefully soon we'll be worrying about a squad number...

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