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Report: Didier Drogba turned down Juventus on deadline day

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So this is pretty excellent: Juventus wanted Didier Drogba on deadline day, and he apparently turned them down. According to a report on Football-Italia, who cite France Footbal, the Chelsea legend turned down an official offer from the Serie A side on August 31st to remain with Shanghai Shenhua.

Obviously, this is good news for Chelsea, because Juventus with Drogba is a very different proposition to Juventus with Nicklas Bentdner (their big centre forward acquisition). I like to think that Drogba knew this and refused to sign on with the Old Lady once it became apparent that the Blues were going to have to meet Juve in the Champions League group stages. If he had moved to Italy, his first European game would have come against the team for whom he won the trophy with the final kick of his last, and that would have been super, super weird.

I mean, it's that or he just thinks Turin smells, I guess. We'll go with the not-wanting-to-play-against-Chelsea explanation though, because it makes us happier.

Added by Steve: Apparently Juventus weren't the only interested party...