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Marko Marin has resumed training

Marko Marin gives us the thumbs up on his health
Marko Marin gives us the thumbs up on his health

Marko Marin was one of Chelsea's best players during the pre-season tour of the United States, and his impressive performances had many thinking that he should be in consideration for a regular starting role. Talent has never seemingly been an issue with Marin, but his ability to stay match fit always has. Therefore, nost of us weren't overly shocked when Marin came up injured before the season ever started. Roberto Di Matteo had said we could probably expect to see Marin when the international break was over, and Gigi Salmon would seem to confirm that timetable.

This doesn't give us an exact time when we can be expecting Marin to return, but it would seem to suggest that the German international is closing in on being fit enough to make a return to the Chelsea bench. The club will be playing twice a week when the break is over, so I'd guess we won't have to wait too long to see Marin make his official debut. Let's cross your fingers that he can stay healthy, because he's a dynamic offensive player.

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