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The WAGNH revolution continues

Changes are coming. We've had a summer of change at this small corner of the Chelsea blogoglobe, seeing our team become Champions of Europe for the first time, sign a bevy of exciting new attacking players and absorbing the lovely Chelsea Offside blog on top of that. And now here's a little more change for you all to digest.

SB Nation is on the verge of undergoing a major redesign, one which I personally am thrilled about. Part of this process -- and believe me, it's not all visual -- was a network-wide effort to unify the site logos under one editorial style. I know that many of you are attached to our current one (if you're not, don't tell me, because I did the design on it and you'll make me sad), but it's time for a change, and here it is.

Note the star. Champions of Europe. Didier Drogba's penalty marked the closing of one age and the opening of another. It's only fitting that We Ain't Got No History follows in Chelsea's footsteps.

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