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Report: Chelsea to earn €10 million for Meireles sale

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So, Chelsea are really about to sell Raul Meireles. To Fenerbahce. For better or worse, this sounds like it's getting done. At least we'll be receiving some money for it, and it's the oh-so-reliable Duncan Castles giving us some confirmation of just how much:

Chelsea will receive €10million for the transfer of Raul Meireles to Fenerbahce.

Alright. That's not terrible money for a 29-year-old midfielder. The Blues paid Liverpool a little more for Meireles' services about a year ago (about £12 million compared to £8 million for this sale), and he was apparently on wages of around £60,000 per week, so all told the forty-odd starts we got from him cost the club around £7 million. Not exactly the most lucrative return on an investment, but if we wanted him gone and he was happy to go, so be it.

Bring on the youth movement, I suppose. Oscar had better be ready for some major responsibility.