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Raul Meireles in Istanbul for medical

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I thought I'd seen the last of this year's transfers, but apparently no not really. Chelsea FC are in the midst of selling Raul Meireles to Fenerbahce -- talks have been confirmed and now the Portuguese midfielder is apparently in Istanbul for a medical:

Before the window closed on Friday, you could have pointed to two positions where this squad looked either thin or weak: Centre forward (thin) and central midfield (weak). Since, we've contrived to give Michael Essien to Real Madrid and now we're selling Meireles without bringing in anything in the way of replacements. I don't think anyone would have complained about either move in a vacuum, but the fact that Chelsea have now ridded themselves of their two most versatile central midfielders without bringing back any cover in return is alarming.

Yes, we might be waiting for the transfer window to bring in, saw, an Axel Witsel. But we'd have been far better served, I think, by making a move immediately. Our squad, as it stands, is going to have to rely on luck to hold together through the winter. It's a gamble that I can't assess properly right now, because I can only see the risk and not whatever reward Michael Emenalo has up his sleeve, if he has one. And that means I don't like this. At all.

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