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David Luiz remains ridiculously awesome

Warren Little - Getty Images

On one level, I can kind of understand the Chelsea fans who aren't madly in love with David Luiz. Being kind of insane isn't exactly the sort of mental state one normally looks for in a centre half. I mean, it's difficult to be much enamoured of a player's style when said style occasionally results in defensive disasters appearing out of thin air. I get it. I disagree, but I do understand. Sometimes.

And then I see things like this:

I was talking to a friend the other day about entertaining footballers, players who do things just because they love to play around on a football pitch. He was decrying the death of the entertainer, listing off some of the great talent from the 1990s and comparing it to, say, the ruthlessly efficient Lionel Messi, who does things to help Barcelona win. After being handed a list of great attacking talents I was challenged to name such a player now.

The answer I gave was David Luiz. Yes, he's an occasional catastrophe. Yes, he's not as good a player as his unearthly talent says he should be. But he doesn't take the sport too seriously. He has fun. And fun is why I watch football.

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