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Arsenal vs. Chelsea: Preview in quotes

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Jamie McDonald - Getty Images

A huge game is coming up in the Premier League tomorrow. Hopefully you all knew that. Chelsea versus Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium is never an easy match, and the result will give us a clear indication of just how good this Blues team is. After a strong start to the season -- five wins and two draws*, undefeated in all competitions that aren't the UEFA Super Cup -- Chelsea are flying high. Arsenal away is their first big domestic test.

*The Juventus draw was disappointing, but consider this: Chelsea are one of only two teams to have held a two-goal lead against Juve in the past 16 months.

And that means that we're getting both managers (and players from either side) talking up the game. Fun stuff. TO QUOTELAND WITH US!

Chelsea have gone with a different style, they have rejuvenated because they bought some very young players with maybe a more technical style. They have gone a little bit more creative. Until now it has worked well for them so it is a good challenge for us to beat them.

We don't miss [Didier Drogba]!

-Arsene Wenger. Source: Telegraph.

I said at the start that Arsenal are going to be challenging for the league and I am not sure anybody believed me, but that is the way I saw it so I haven't changed my mind. They have signed some very good players and they have been playing the same kind of football for many years and I think they are up there with the other teams.

-Roberto di Matteo. Source:

Is it just me, or does this rivalry seem... friendlier than usual? I mean, there's not much love lost between Chelsea and Arsenal, even know, but this doesn't seem like the clash of football archetypes that it used to, does it? Without Didier Drogba as the battering ram and Michael Essien as the engine, Chelsea versus Arsenal isn't really a story of power against finesse anymore. And I sort of miss that.

Of course, beating Arsenal at their own game doesn't sound too bad either.

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