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FA: Terry unable to separate England duty from disciplinary hearings

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Well this is nice. As most of you will know by this point, John Terry has retired from England duty after claiming that the FA have made his position 'untenable' by continuing to press charges against him over the alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand after the Chelsea centre back was found not guilty by the court system.

While Terry no longer being obligated to play for the Three Lions is a good thing as far as his club career goes, it can also be read as a player throwing his toys out of the pram, and the FA are not particularly amused:

I don't see how we've made it 'untenable' -- [England and club-level discipline are] two very separate processes. It's something that happened in a match between QPR and Chelsea -- it shouldn't be taking a year to resolve but we feel we're reaching a conclusion on that.

That's a very different process, from my perspective, from our England procedures. They sit in different compartments and I could separate the two in my mind. But, unfortunately it doesn't look like he could.

-Alex Horne, FA General Secretary. Source: Soccernet.

One interpretation of those quotes is that the FA believe that John Terry has retired from England duty because he is an overly-emotional simpleton. Which is very weird, because if the FA can't see that Terry, rightly or wrongly, is angry at the FA as a whole, I'd suggest that what's unfortunate is their inability to view the bigger picture. Presumably the illumination is too poor to see much while they have their collective heads wedged tightly between their own buttocks.

From where I stand, it doesn't look like the two 'compartments' were very well separated when the captaincy devolved to Steven Gerrard earlier this year.

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