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Chelsea 1 - Stoke City 0: Initial Reaction And Community Ratings Form

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I doubt there were too many fans out there that got overly excited about how open the play would be when Stoke City came to Stamford Bridge, and sure enough it was a relatively dull affair. Chelsea managed to come out on top though, as Ashley Cole found the back of the net with less than ten minutes to play. Here's a few thoughts in the immediate aftermath:

  • The first half was pretty typical Stoke football. Chelsea dominated the ball, Stoke defended, Stoke looked scary on set pieces.
  • We did a pretty terrible job of spacing for much of the game. There were quite a few times during the games when two Chelsea players could easily reach out and touch each other when they were not in possession.
  • Oscar has some first touch. So does that Mata guy.
  • I hate playing Stoke. I really do.
  • Ugly as it was, three points assures we'll be alone at the top of the table again when next weekend kicks off. I'll take it.
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