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Didn't Love David Luiz Before? Here's Another Reason You Should.

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David Luiz is awesome. I think most of us realized this already. After seeing his reactions to Oscar's first two Chelsea goals, I think most of us could see that the Brazilian center back was clearly doing his best to help Oscar adapt to life in London. Chelsea's website had a few David Luiz quotes on the matter this morning, so naturally we're going too share:

I take him every day to my house because he has no family over here. I know how hard it is when you don't speak the language. If you go to a restaurant for example and you don't know what food you're ordering it's difficult. I try to show Oscar and help Chelsea too.

Young Brazilians have traditionally had a bit of a tough time settling to life in the Premier League, so seeing guys like Lucas Piazon and Oscar settling in so nicely is wonderful to see. Hopefully Oscar will continue to become more comfortable and we'll keep seeing things like this going forward:


Hooray David Luiz!

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