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Get Ready For Some Big Changes At WAGNH

BOOOM.We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long.
The ground shakes. BOOOOOM.
Drums... drums in the deep. BOOM BOOM.
We cannot get out. BOOOOOOM.BOOOOOM.
BOOOM.A shadow lurks in the dark. BOOM BOOM.
BOOOOOOOOM.We can not get out. BOOOM.

It is coming. The old, sad incarnation of We Ain't Got No History is huddled in the dark, searching for some respite. It will find none, no mercy, save a swift end. The drums in the deep are calling out. Too deep did the designers delve in search of gold, jewels and vastly improved story layouts. Too greedy were they for websites that respond equally well to mobile and tablet users as they do those who would enjoy them via PC. The developers mined their way through layer upon layer of unnecessary page loading time... and eventually a mighty beast was unleashed.

BOOOOOOOOM.WAGNH 2.0 is coming.

Many gave their lives for it.

Very soon, this website will look... well, a little different. In the interests of giving everyone a heads up, here are a couple of sneak peeks at the new design WAGNH will be employing. You've seen the new logo, but there's a lot more to the redesign than that. Check it out:

Note: We're not becoming an Arizona State University blog.

Or A Dallas Stars one.

The idea is to improve the experience for both the readers of the site and the writers. We've got several new tools on the backend that we're all excited to play with, but the most important part of the redesign was presenting the biggest stories first.

The 'cover' at the top of the page will allow us to showcase the great long-form pieces that are produced for the site without compromising our ability to cover the news. Page load times have been optimised. Significant work has been done on reducing page load times down to reasonable levels. WE've ditched the mobile ap in order to provide a seamless experience across all platforms.

Change is coming, and it's coming very soon. Brace yourselves.

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