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Chelsea Vs. Juventus: Second Half Gamethread

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Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

So yeah, we signed Osacr this summer. We were happy. Oscar made his first start today. We're even happier. Andrea Pirlo has been marked completely out of the game by Oscar. Oscar has a pair of goals, and the second...Oh! my! god!...Oscar!

Seriously though, what else is there to say about that second Oscar goal? It was one of the most ridiculous shots I've ever seen. The ball just shouldn't be able to bend and dip that way. David Beckham? Eat your heart out. Tottenham fans everywhere must be shaking their heads after that.

Unfortunately we gifted Juventus a goal in the post-Oscar aftermath, but Chelsea are still up 2-1 at the half. There will be plenty of opportunities to hit Juve on the counter in the second half, as the Italian side will need to push a little harder in the attack. Enjoy the second half, keep it clean, and no links to illegal streams. OSCAR! (video after the jump)