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Daniel Sturridge will get his chance to shine... soon

Daniel Sturridge vs. the blue team's #9
Daniel Sturridge vs. the blue team's #9

Another day, another Fernando Torres controversy. It truly is hard to imagine a day in the Chelsea fan's life without at least a cursory mention of the enigmatic Spanish striker. We've certainly had our fair share today/yesterday, but let's go one more round. Take it away, Roberto Di Matteo:

The help for [Sturridge] is that maybe he can play more minutes, and show his qualities. As long as he keeps training well [...] that's the way forward and he will get chances to play. [...] At the moment I've played him wide. (At QPR) I put him on [in] the middle, he will get more chances.

-Source: F&H Chronicle

So Torres out; Sturridge in? Well, not so fast; although it is significant that young Daniel will get his shot at his preferred center forward position.

Chelsea have seven matches scheduled in 21 days, so there should be plenty of chances to play for everyone. Hopefully that includes not only Daniel Sturridge, but all the other players who have yet to feature significantly in the young season. Having practiced extreme squad rotation at the tail end of last season, Di Matteo seems to have fallen off the other side of the horse naming essentially unchanged lineups in the first few matches of this season.

Let's play the kids! (But not vs. Juventus.)

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