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And now the handshakes are the problem?

Frank Lampard demonstrates IMPROPER HANDSHAKE TECHNIQUE.
Frank Lampard demonstrates IMPROPER HANDSHAKE TECHNIQUE.

I can't believe I am sitting here, writing about handshakes. Apparently a lack of belief is not sufficient to actually prevent me from sitting, here writing about handshakes. Thanks, oh demented universe. And thank you, PFA chairman Gordon Taylor:

We have to move on. [Handshakes] will separate us and become like some mafia feud.

-Source: BBC.

We've now apparently gotten to the point that handshakes are what's dividing us. Not the still open allegation of racism from one player towards another, accompanied by court and FA drama. No. Apparently, it's the handshakes that are driving a great wedge between Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea FC. Call me crazy, but I'm reasonably convinced that failing to shake hands is merely one symptom of many regarding the underlying animosity here. Without the handshake drama, would the home crowd have cheered John Terry pulling up with an injury? I'm guessing so.

So, sure. Stop with the enforced handshakes. But it's not making the actual problem go away, and pretending as though it will is madness.

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