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On Anton Ferdinand And Ashley Cole

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The media spent a good portion of the week leading up to QPR vs. Chelsea discussing something other than the game about to be played. After all, who needs to talk tactics when there is something as exciting as a pre-match handshake to discuss? I tried to ignore it, but after "the snub", I just have to get something off my chest.

Anton Ferdinand and Park Ji-Sung both refused to shake Chelsea captain John Terry's hand. I'll be honest, I have a hard time criticizing them for that decision. Ferdinand has every reason to believe that John Terry said some incredibly inappropriate things to him, so if he feels he'd rather not acknowledges him, then he'll get no criticism from me. As captain, I feel that Park Ji-Sung is fully justified in following suit. As a matter of fact, I'm a bit surprised that more QPR players didn't join Ferdinand in ignoring the Chelsea captain.

What I don't understand is why they felt the need to snub Ashley Cole. Ashley Cole was not accused of doing anything wrong. He didn't appear to even want to be involved. He was called by the court to testify, and even they made it clear that Cole was not a willing participant. Here's a four point summary of Cole's entire involvement in the case:

  • Cole was asked whether he had heard Ferdinand accuse Terry of anything. He said he had not. He did say that he thought he saw Ferdinand shouting an insult at Terry, and Ferdinand himself confirmed that he had insulted the Chelsea skipper.
  • Cole confirmed that Terry said to him at some point during the match that Ferdinand had accused him of racially abusing him. Cole did not claim to have heard the abuse, he simply heard Terry mention the issue to him.
  • Cole told the court that wireless internet and cell phone signals are not able to be acquired from the visitors locker room at Loftus Road. Apparently Loftus Road is not a first class facility.
  • Cole testified that he's never known Terry to be anything other than an excellent teammate and friend.

I don't really give a damn about Anton Ferdinand. He plays for a team that's never going to challenge for Chelsea's spot in the table, and he's just not a good enough player to contribute to a club who could. If he doesn't want to shake John Terry's hand, he certainly doesn't have to.

I don't understand why Ashley Cole is being dragged into this whole mess. Cole literally did nothing that should involve him in this affair. If anything, he was another victim, as Anton's idiot of a brother made him another victim shortly after the trial.

Yet Ferdinand and Park decided that Cole needed to be ignored as well, which is something that doesn't appear to make any sort of sense. Unless the judge has failed to include some fairly major details in his report, the QPR contingent seem to be holding Cole accountable for, well, being on the pitch on a random day in 2011. It's stupid, it's childish, and it's turned Ashley Cole into the party that is now deserving of an apology.

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