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Di Matteo on Malouda: Club working with other players this season

My favourite Malouda photo
My favourite Malouda photo

It's been more than a week (I think -- international breaks really mess with my sense of time. It's definitely been less than a year) since news broke of Florent Malouda's exile to the under-21 team. Now Roberto di Matteo's given away some but not much of what's going to happen to the French winger in the future:

[Will he play for Chelsea again?] I don't know, only the future will tell. But he's with the Under 21s. The transfer window doesn't open again until January.

-Source: Sky Sports.

There're some other good quotes in there about the decision Chelsea made to demote the winger, so go read the piece if you want those details, but it's pretty clear to me that the club considers their time with the 32-year-old at an end. It's a real shame he had to go this way, as he was absolutely instrumental in the double-winning season, but I guess such is life.

Not very long ago a Florent Malouda played for 48 minutes of Chelsea's first ever Champions League final win. Since lifting that trophy, the Blues have lost -- or have discarded -- three starters and one substitute from that side. What a frightening business football can be.

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