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So about those Romelu Lukaku to Everton rumors...

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Greg O'Keeffe is a local journalist covering Everton. He's got a pretty good track record as far as the accuracy of his reports go, so when he mentions something about Everton it's usually something that can be trusted. With that in mind, here's a tweet of his today:

We had word yesterday that Lukaku was not heading to Fulham. Almost immediately some rumors started popping up that Everton would be the destination for the hulking teenager. If O'Keeffe is correct, these rumors were not accurate.

What the future holds for Romelu Lukaku is unclear as of this moment, but I'm still of the opinion that Wigan may be the best fit. With the club in negotiations for Victor Moses and Lukaku's agent hinting that a deal is basically done, I'm personally going to be a bit surprised if he ends up anywhere else. I'd expect we'll know soon though, but it appears that neither Everton or Fulham games will be must watch television for rabid Chelsea fans. Stay tuned...

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