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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumor League, Summer 2012 Season: Standings

This post is going to be as epic as the MOST <strong>EPIC</strong> OLYMPICS HANDBALL QUARTERFINAL OF ALL TIME!!!
This post is going to be as epic as the MOST EPIC OLYMPICS HANDBALL QUARTERFINAL OF ALL TIME!!!

What do you mean you've never heard of the 'We Ain't Got No History' Chelsea FC Transfer Rumor League? Surely you're not insinuating that it's not something real; that it's something that I just made up? How dare you!

It's the league that wasted no time kicking off its Summer season, the off-season between the last day of the January Transfer Window and the first shot by Willian lasting just 2 days. Since then we've had 44 tributes enter the league - a few as overwhelming favorites (Eden Hazard, Oscar), many others without a prayer (Theodor Gebre Selassie, Ezequiel Lavezzi). Many made actual sense (Luka Modric, Cesar Azpilicueta), while others were utterly laughable (Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Krul).

It's been a fight to the death and we've all had front row seats. Yes, that's right, it's not quite over yet; a lot can happen in the remaining 3 weeks! But before we check the standings, let's discuss some rules.

League participants earn points for WAGNH posts and mentions:

  • DQ - Direct Quote - 10 points: a direct quote from the player himself or the Chelsea Front Office.
  • IQ - Indirect Quote - 5 points: agent, selling club/chairman quotes; also includes current Chelsea players talking about potential transfer targets.
  • UL - Unsourced Link - 3 points: also known as the Harry Harris Special.
  • FS - FanShot/FanPost - 1 point: short blurbs of all types, posted by any WAGNH member

The cutoff to be listed in the standings is a minimum of 3 mentions (not including FanShots/FanPosts). High profile victims of this rule include Gonzalo Higuain, Mauricio Isla, Marouane Fellaini...and 25 others.

The remaining 19 are led - and which in no way should be a surprising reveal - by Eden Hazard, who, along with a couple Brazilians, forms the BIG 3 at the top of the league. The rest could only hope to emulate them (or they could be nice and spare us all the drama):


Going by this then, HULK is clearly the next to sign! Yey, science!!

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