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Report: Ron Gourlay met with Dave Whelan yesterday

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The last few days have been some of the slower ones in the Chelsea transfer window, but the BBC is reporting that there may be some movement on the Victor Moses front. The BBC is one of the more reliable sources out there, and their report had an interesting tidbit in it:

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan met with Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay on Tuesday as the clubs attempted to agree on a deal for the 21-year-old

The report goes on to speculate a bit on the figures that may be involved, but frankly that's not the part of the article that interests me. I'm far more interested in the fact that a generally reliable source is reporting face to face meetings between to top dogs at both respective clubs. If true, that would be a clear indicator that we are fairly close to a conclusion here.

The report also mentions that we're hoping to have Moses in before the Community Shield, but frankly it's the next game that I find far more interesting. Should we nick Moses now, we'd leave Wigan without their best player when the season starts in 11 days. That would leave them very little time to buy a replacement and integrate them into the lineup for the season opener. That would be a nice little bonus for a Chelsea side that has seen quite a few regulars report late due to international duty, as we happen to open the season with Wigan. We'll keep our eyes open, if this report is true we might be done with this signing very soon.

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