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The Guardian claims we're closing on Victor Moses as Gus Poyet speaks about intensity

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The Guardian recently posted an article claiming we're going back in on Victor Moses, so naturally I had to read it. After all, Chelsea have confirmed that we're looking to add at least 2 more pieces to the squad before the end of the transfer window. With Cesar Azpilicueta seemingly being a realistic target at right back, we're likely focused more forward in the attack with the other target. We've definitely bid on Moses at least once this summer, and with the rumors of renewed interest in Andre Schurrle this morning it would appear that we're being linked to a versatile attacker by most of the media today.

So what exactly does the Guardian have to make us buy into this? Unfortunately it's not a whole lot. Here's their link to Moses:

While interest is retained in the right-sided Porto striker Hulk, any deal for the Brazilian has been complicated by the payment that would be due to his third-party owner, leaving Wigan's young forward Victor Moses a more likely arrival. The England Under-21 international, who has now committed to Nigeria, has already been the subject of bids from Chelsea this summer. While Wigan had hoped to secure around £10m for his services, a compromise deal nearer £8m is edging closer.

That doesn't appear to be the sort of thing that's anything new, so it makes you wonder if the Guardian is just recycling old stories on a bit of a slow transfer news day. There's always the chance that they have an inside source telling them something, but in this case I'm a bit skeptical.

More interestingly from my point of view was a comment from Gus Poyet thrown in at the bottom of the article. Poyet was quoted with the following:

They will give something extra. For us this was the biggest game ever. For them it was just an extra game, so it is not the same. I'm sure they will get there. I can see what Roberto means [that Chelsea were short of intensity] but I think they will get it back because they are world-class players, and as soon as they are playing for something, it is going to different for sure.

Poyet really hits on something here about the intensity shown by the Chelsea senior squad this summer. Look, I'm sure that the players would rather win all of the friendlies that we've played rather than have the results we've had, but how much do you really think guys like John Terry and Ashley Cole cared about that last friendly? When the games count (and I'm not sure I'd say that about the Community Shield), our established players will show up with the right mindset. When the games mean nothing to the established core of the squad, I'm fine with just focusing on staying healthy and getting fully fit. I'm sure we'll see a bit more intensity against City, but the real games don't start until we square off with Wigan on the 19th. Let's just focus on being healthy and ready for that one.

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