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Loan all the midfielders! It's Oriol Romeu's turn to go!

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So now we're loaning everyone apparently. El Mundo Deportivo isn't a particularly great source, but they are reporting that Oriol Romeu is heading out on loan. The destination? That would be the suddenly thrifty Malaga. From the ticker:

MD has been told, Oriol Romeu, currently in the ranks of Chelsea, is very close to being a new player of Malaga. The agreement, which would be a transfer may be announced imminently, and that at this point is virtually closed. Even the player has traveled on a private flight to Malaga and returned to Monaco to witness the final of the European Super Cup.

Look, this loan stuff is just getting ridiculous. We do seem to have a number of central midfielders that could be upgraded, but loaning them all out without signing anyone new wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. If we're loaning Michael Essien, we're certainly not loaning Oriol Romeu. If we loan Romeu, we're certainly going to have to keep Essien. I'm getting tired of all of this loan talk, so why don't we just go ahead and buy somebody instead? I hear that guy Falcao is pretty good...

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