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And now Daniel Sturridge DOES make the bench for the Super Cup?

Does anyone have a clue what's going on? I certainly don't. Clyde Tyldesley tweeted earlier that Daniel Sturridge wasn't on the bench for Chelsea as the Champions of Europe take on Atletico Madrid in the 2012 edition of the UEFA Super Cup. Now it turns out that he is:

When Eden Hazard was in the process of signing with the club, we joked frequently about how he was simply amusing himself by trolling everyone. This -- and by 'this' I mean both the supposed Michael Essien and Daniel Sturridge deals -- is like the Hazard saga except collapsed into one day. Nobody knows what's going on. It's all deliciously mental.

If this is all feeling a little overwhelming, I'd advise taking a nap of something. It's become increasingly obvious that we won't have any answers until the window is over. Such is life. Oh, and Michael Essien is still definitely not there. Unless he's hiding in order to troll us. Don't rule that one out.

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