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Daniel Sturridge not involved in Super Cup as potential Liverpool move looms

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If you look closely enough, everything is a sign. That's especially true on deadline day, where there are so many conflicting rumours running around it's difficult to know what to make of anything. That doesn't stop us trying, though -- and here's an interesting one: Daniel Sturridge is not in the Chelsea squad to fact Atletico Madrid in Monaco.

This is obviously not a tactical decision, because Sturridge remains our only backup centre forward. Leaving a player out like this tends to mean that the club is seriously looking at a deal and think that it's reasonably likely that they'll end up working something out. With rumours of Sturridge to Liverpool floating around all day, it's not difficult to put the dots together. I'd be surprised if that move didn't happen, at this point (and the same goes for the corresponding Loic Remy transfer).

Michael Essien's also not in the Chelsea lineup or on the bench, but we knew that already.

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