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Liverpool remain coy over Daniel Sturridge chat

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Brandon Rodgers deliberately not saying much at all would never be anything approximating a story on any other day, but it's transfer deadline day and that means anything goes. Daniel Sturridge has been linked to Liverpool, with Chelsea apparently willing to consider a loan deal, and the Reds manager is being pretty coy when it comes to talking about his striker options:

There are a number of players we're enquiring about. There is no doubt we need to add goals to the team. That was always an objective when I first came in.

If we can get recognised goalscorers to come in, that's the objective. I don't want to, out of respect for the other clubs and players, sit and go through every single name that has been linked with Liverpool, or this would be the longest press conference in the world.

There'll be hopefully one or two coming in.


That's really not a whole lot to go on, but it's clear that Liverpool want to add firepower but don't really have the money to do it, and I'd bet pretty heavily on there being something significant to the Sturridge rumours at this point. That doesn't mean that they make any sense at all -- we have no strikers, reinforcing a kind-of-rival is silly, etc etc etc. But hey. Life doesn't make sense sometimes! Roll with it. Deadline day!

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