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A Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

Enjoy the show...
Enjoy the show...

The moves are starting to roll int now for everyone in the league. It's unclear whether or not Chelsea will be making another move in this window, but regardless of that there is sure to be plenty to talk about today. We're going to have lot's of posts, and I'm sure the comments sections will become a little muddled. With that in mind, why don't we all try to use this thread to discuss all of the happenings around the league that don't really fit into any of the posts you see on the front page.

With that in mind, let me make a simple request. Please be aware of the source that is making the claims you're talking about. Some random idiot on Twitter is very rarely a good source, so don't jump to conclusions the second something starts to trend. I'd also appreciate if we avoiding linking to noted garbage spewing sites. No, crunchsports, IBT, or sites of that nature. They get enough page hits for making up rumors already, there's no reason to give them more. Have fun, and be civil to each other and any fans of other clubs that pop in and comment.

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