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Blues confirm Thorgan Hazard loan deal

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Chelsea have confirmed Thorgan Hazard's loan deal to Belgian outfit SV Zulte Waregem. This wasn't much of a secret, since the Essevee had themselves indicated that the move was on on Thursday, but it's still news. Hooray, news!

As most of you will be aware, the younger Hazard came to Chelsea from Lens after his more accomplished brother Eden made a multi-million pound move to Stamford Bridge from Lille. While claims that Thorgan is more advanced than Eden was at the same age are laughable, he's still a reasonably good prospect and getting him development time can only be a positive. And Thorgan agrees:

Zulte Waregem is a club that gives young players opportunities under the wings of experienced players. There is a good mix here. They give opportunities to the youth and that was the deciding factor.

-Source: Sky Sports.

The Juliper League won't be much of a challenge, but this is much better than keeping him around on the under-21 team.