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A Michael Essien transfer update

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We've had some chat about Michael Essien going out on loan over the past day or so, and it's never really made much sense to me. Despite injuries causing him to fade badly over the past few years, Essien's still a valuable commodity, and although the Blues could indeed send him out on loan to give him enough time to reestablish himself as a major force in a Premier League midfield, doing so would seem to directly help a potential rival while hurting us.

Normally, a loan would also allow us to get a player's wages off the books, but with Essien's deal signed during the Financial Fair Play grace period, that's not a real concern. The only benefit that could come from sending the Bison away is money, and that would only happen if we sold, not loaned. Which is why, I assume, the proposed Everton and Arsenal deals fell through.

Indications are that that's correct:

I wouldn't necessarily rule out Essien going elsewhere, but his high wages are a difficult barrier to surmout for most teams, and there's no incentive to simply loan him to someone. Chelsea will need a deal that makes sense for everyone, or he's staying. As a fan, that's my preferred outcome.

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