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The Wallace rumours are back!

This one looks pretty speculative and I haven't been able to trace it back all the way to its original source, but reports of of Italy are suggesting that Chelsea are still in the hunt for young Fluminense right back Wallace. Napoli were hoping to sign the 18-year-old as well, hence the Italian press talking about it.

Anyway, said reports are indicating that Napoli are having problems landing Wallace because of interference from us -- we own 40 percent of the right back's economic rights from the Deco transfer and have first right of refusal on any potential deal. If this sounds familiar, that's because it is. The Blues were linked heavily to Wallace not that long ago, and this is basically the same story as back then, but newer. Nothing came of it then, so I'm a little bit skeptical of anything happening now, but hey. It's of mild interest, and it's transfer deadline day.

Incidentally, the Cesar Azpilicueta deal won't have any effect on this one. Wallace is too young to be anywhere near the Chelsea first team. If he does come, and there's a not-unreasonable chance that that happens at some point, he'd be one for the future.

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