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Are Arsenal after Michael Essien?

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There's a lot of guys on twitter that like to report things with absolutely no basis in reality. We've been seeing quite a few of those types confess to just that recently. Every once in a while though, you come across a guy that doesn't work for one of the major news sources but still seems to have reliable sources of news for certain clubs. Today we've got a tweet from one of those guys, and the club in which he specializes is Arsenal:

This doesn't mean Arsenal are going to sign Michael Essien. It doesn't even mean Chelsea are considering a sale (and all signs would seem to indicate they are not). It makes some sense though, as Arsene Wenger definitely needs someone to replace Alex Song, and Michael Essien could certainly be that type of player. There's absolutely no reason that Wenger shouldn't inquire on Essien, as he's not all that far removed from being an excellent everyday player.

We're going to see some players leaving Chelsea during the upcoming twenty four hours, and Essien is certainly one that could be on his way out the door. I'd certainly prefer to see him stay, and if sold I certainly wouldn't want to see him go to Arsenal. Don't get too worked up about this, but it will be a story to watch.

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