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Yossi Benayoun confirms he's likely going on loan

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We've reached the point in the window where we'd expect to start hearing about a few potential departures, and this morning we've got our first piece of real news in that regard. Yossi Benayoun tweeted the following update, so we know it's from a credible source:

I know Chelsea wanted to sell Benayoun, so the fact that we're considering another loan would indicate that there is just no interest in buying the player from any club he'd be willing to join. I'm honestly not sure I know how I feel about a loan, as frankly we don't really need the wage relief under FFP. It's nice that we're letting Yossi go so that he can sniff the pitch, but I don't think there is any real benefit for the club in doing so.

Hopefully the club is a bit smarter with how they handle the loan this time around. I'm sure Yossi would love to join one of the better clubs in the league, but I really hope Chelsea are smart enough to just tell him no to that request this time. Yossi is in the last year of his Chelsea deal, so if we send him out for the season, it will likely be the end of his Chelsea career. Oh well, he never really contributed much for us anyway. Have fun on loan Yossi, and beat up on our rivals while you're away.

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