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Nuri Sahin Available -- Jose Mourinho

The <em>Iguanodon </em>of footballers.
The Iguanodon of footballers.

I don't know why I'm following the Nuri Sahin situation so closely. Call it vague, demented hope that he might proove a temporary solution to Chelsea's midfield woes. Call it a mild case of fear if Arsenal manage to swipe both him and Santi Cazorla in the same week. Actually I think that's all the things you can call it. Anyway, I'm the one writing this post, so you are all prey to my fickle whims. Next time I could be writing a post about dinosaurs. You'd probably click on it anyway. Dinosaurs are cool.

To the quotes! (Of the non-Mesozoic variety):

Real Madrid is very difficult. It is not an easy club, because we demand a lot. We have great players and when you don't start well, it's difficult to do it.

If he stays, he's not a problem for me. He's one more solution. We are leaving the situation in his hands. Decide what you want to decide, to be happy. If you decide to leave we're going to help you to leave. If you decide to stay, we're going to support you and try to succeed this season.

-Jose Mourinho. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

So, Sahin can basically decide whether he wants to stay or go, and presumably he has his pick of the destinations. He has, obviously, been linked to a loan spell at Arsenal over the past week or so, and from a Chelsea perspective that would be very very bad. I think from a neutral perspective it'd be totally awesome for him to go back to Borussia Dortmund, but Chelsea really need to be interfering with the Arsenal deal right now. Show him the shiny money, Roman. Shiiiiiny...

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