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On transfer rumours, part lots

As you may have noticed this summer, there've been an explosion of 'in the know' accounts on Twitter. These sad souls are so desperate for attention/amusement that they'll pose as agents and leak pieces of juicy gossip. Now that school's back, they're all slowly admitting that they were fakes. You'd have to be pretty naive in the first place not to realise that, of course -- people with actual sources and actual leaks* tend not to be so cavalier with what they say in public, because then suddenly they won't have sources anymore.

*We Ain't Got No History has no sources and assumedly never will have any sources.

Anyway, the latest faux-agent to take off the mask is @FootballAgent49, who had 40,000 odd followers before the big reveal. Here's an amusing tidbit from his (very long) tweet:

Some of my personal highlights were the Kaka and Falcao stories which were completely made up. The Daily Mail even wrote an article based on my Kaka tweets and the 2 journalists who wrote it were following me. The Falcao story was possibly my favourite. Last night it was trending worldwide for over an hour and for over 3 hours in Spain and in the UK.

Hrm. Whooooo could that be? Here's my guess:

So, here's my promise to you, dear readers -- this site will never take anything on faith until it's confirmed by Chelsea. We'll talk about rumours, analyse them, report what other people are saying, but we offer opinion (which, of course, we hope is educated and insightful) rather than pretending as though we can break news. If we don't think something's even worth talking about, we won't talk about it at all. It's an approach that's worked pretty well so far, and will continue into the forseeable future.

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