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Breaking down SB Nation's Premier League Power Rankings: Chelsea first in inaugural edition

Spurs, looking up at The Chels in SB Nation's inaugural Premier League Power Rankings.
Spurs, looking up at The Chels in SB Nation's inaugural Premier League Power Rankings.

Fancy me angry.

SB Nation released its inaugural Premier League power rankings this afternoon (officially Week 2), and though Chelsea have claimed the perch, there was no room for Eden Hazard.

Really? After what we've seen from the Belgian thus far - which has been nothing short of spectacular (and effective) - surely the man deserves a place on this table all his own, preferably in the top half.

Then again, maybe that's just me. If so, I do apologize.

As for the power rankings, I've been tasked with reviewing the results of each week's vote for WAGNH. We're going to break it down, people. Actually, I'm probably just going have a few laughs at other clubs' expense. Hey, it's all in good fun, Liverpool. The rankings were compiled through votes cast by contributors to SB Nation's Premier League site and members of each of the club sites on the network.

Anyway, onto my thoughts:

How they stack up (Week 2)

1. Chelsea (average ranking: 1.33) - Where else? I don't think much needs to be said, except nine points out of nine. And Eden Hazard.

2. Manchester City (2.13) - Not too fussed with this, as the reigning champions have shown some serious resilience in each of their two league matches. They have yet to find a rhythm, which could be worrisome for supporters, but I doubt it's going to take a team with this kind of talent long to get untracked. Plus, who knows, they'll probably sign both Javi Garcia and Fernando Llorente on deadline day. Wealth.

3. Manchester United (2.66) - Not an ideal start to the season for United, but there's no reason (yet) to suggest this team won't be there at the end. Third is about perfect for me. Following a shock defeat to Everton with a tight win over Fulham at Old Trafford isn't exactly peachy, but Shinji Kagawa has been superb and the backline is bound to improve.

4. Everton (4.47) - Who saw this coming? A deserved top-four position in the power rankings for David Moyes' men who, in some twisted reality straight out of the Twilight Zone, have started a Premier League season with actual points. This is indeed uncanny, but quite agreeable from my perspective.

5. Arsenal (6.06) - Boo. I cannot cosign this. Arsenal have yet to score a goal in their two league fixtures, a pair of games most of us would classify as moderately difficult, but highly winnable either way. It's not been a disastrous start by any stretch - they've kept two clean sheets - but for the Gunners to average out in fifth after what we've seen thus far seems unjust.

6. Swansea City (6.27) - Oh dear Michu, how everyone in fantasy football land adores you. No arguing with this ranking; actually, if anything, the Swans probably deserve to be a tad higher following what we've seen from them under Michael Laudrup. Sure, Swansea are not going to be able to maintain this kind of momentum, but I doubt anyone would suggest that, on early evidence, they don't have a chance of fighing for a place in Europe.

7. Newcastle (8.07) - They beat Spurs. I condone this ranking.

8. Tottenham Hotspur (8.20) - Not feeling this one. And it's not because I loathe Spurs, I promise. They've just not impressed thus far. I mean, they were marginally good for a half against Newcastle but that's it. To slot in above the likes of Fulham and West Bromwich Albion is, quite frankly, bogus.

9. Fulham (9.13) - Gellin'. Like Magellan. Martin Jol is looking quite the genius early on following a pair of excellent displays from his Fulham side. Who needs Clint Dempsey? Or a name striker? Losing Moussa Dembele is going to sting, but who's to say Jol doesn't have some other old man from the Bundesliga poised to step in.

10. Liverpool (10.07) - Laughably bad at The Hawthorns. Much improved against Manchester City at Anfield. Eh, it's difficult to really place Liverpool at the moment. The fact that they aren't below West Brom is a travesty, though. If anything, they should be in the bottom three based solely on that GIF of Romelu Lukaku stuffing Jamie Carragher into a pine box. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent ...

11. West Bromwich Albion (10.40) - Kraken. And more Kraken. Aside from being able to mention Lukaku as much as I want, this ranking is a marked embarrassment. A true low point for my money. I guess sweeping aside Liverpool and earning a deserved draw at White Hart Lane means absoutely nil at this point of the season. Bah.

12. Sunderland (10.60) - A ranking based largely on what could be, with Steven Fletcher and Adam Johnson now in the frame at the Stadium of Light. Let's here it for overpriced domestic talent. Both actually could prove to be shrew business for Martin O'Neill. Well, not Fletcher - not a chance.

13. Stoke City (13.20) - Arsenal supporters' second favorite club clocks in just below midtable after a vapid start to the league season. Yeah, and they were just lumped out of the League Cup by Swindon. Tony Pulis is lining up a late move for Nikola Zigic as we speak. The Zigic, yo.

14. Wigan Athletic (13.80) - Can't argue with this. Roberto Martinez has his merry band of overachievers, well, overachieving. Franco Di Santo is scoring goals. Arone Kone looks like Simon Phoenix. It's a win for win for all parties involved. Go on then, Latics.

15. Reading (15.27) - What I would classify as a positive start to the season has Reading a fair shade better off than those below them in the rankings. Rightfully so, mind you. The Royals probably didn't deserve a point on a warm, dry day in Stoke, but they got one. They then gave Chelsea, a hell of a game at Stamford Bridge. You know, Reading may be all right this season.

16. West Ham (16.27) - I don't like West Ham. That is all.

17. Southampton (17.00) - I reckon the Saints have been unlucky in the league, but not in these here rankings. They deserved more from Saturday's match against Wigan - blew a load of genuine chances - and nearly managed to leave the blue side of Manchester with something on the opening weekend. If they manage to finally tie up a deal for Gaston Ramirez (they will), expect them to float upward in the next month.

T18. Aston Villa (18.20) - Undone by West Ham. Embarrassed at home by Everton. Alex McLeish out. Oh, right. I expect Paul Lambert to clean this dire mess up eventually, but, at the moment, this is just about dead-on. Well done, SB Nation community.

T18. Norwich City (18.20) - How on earth is Norwich not on the bottom? I'm baffled by this. I'm assuming this is based off last weekend's 1-1 draw with QPR in which the hosts were slightly better. Still, in the long term, can't see Chris Hughton getting much of anything out of this side.

19. Queens Park Rangers (18.40) - That brings us to the doormat. Rangers are a despicable lot by and large, but I still don't see how one could rate them worse than Norwich. Sure they've been bloody awful thus far, and they have brought in a bunch of old hacks, but at least they have a small stash of solid talent. Park Ji-Sung is a very angry man right now.

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