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So much for the Moussa Dembele idea

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I know that many of you were interested in acquiring 25-year-old Belgian midfielder Moussa Dembele as a partial solution to Chelsea's problems in the double pivot. It made some sense -- Dembele's a good passer, strong tackler, and his ability to dribble past defenders is pretty incredible. However, it's definitely not happening at this point, because Tottenham Hotspur have beaten us to any punch we might have cared to land.

Personally, I don't think that this is that big a deal. Chelsea hitched their wagons to Oscar and the future in terms of sorting this position out, and while Dembele's a good player I don't think he's an elite one, and the club needs elite players rather than just very good ones. Yeah, Dembele was a cheap option who would have made our squad a little better this season and a little more able to control the centre, but that's obviously not what the club is planning.

This summer's been about overhauling the attacking talent and obvious holes in the squad rather than fixing the structural problems in midfield (and centre forward). If the prospects don't pan out, look for Chelsea to upgrade -- but expect big money on an ace player rather than £15 million or so on the likes of Dembele.

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