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Manchester City are likely sending some money Chelsea's way

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Scott Sinclair has been a bit of a sore spot with some Chelsea fans over recent years. Having made only a handful of appearances for the Chelsea first team, Sinclair seemingly wished to move on rather than stay at Chelsea and continue to try to push through the mountains of depth Chelsea had for a place in the first team. Chelsea obliged, selling him to Swansea City for a cool £1.5 million prior to the 2010/11 season. Sinclair followed that up with an excellent season in the Championship, and then had a solid showing in Swansea's initial season in the Premier League. After that season, Manchester City are reportedly going to buy the winger, with the fee supposedly set at £6.5 million.

So what does this have to do with Chelsea? If the Daily Mail are to be believed, it means there will be a few extra pounds heading our way. The Mail is reporting that Chelsea are entitled to 10% of any profits Swansea make on Sinclair, which in this case would be £5 million. The 10% would only amount to £500,000, but all of these drops in the bucket eventually add up.

Sinclair may or may not be good enough for the jump to the Premier League champions, but the fact that he's being regarded this highly can only be seen as a positive for the Chelsea academy. In addition to Ryan Bertrand, Chelsea now have five other academy products sold in the last three seasons playing in the Premier League. They also have several in the lower levels of England, three in Germany, one in Russia, one in Cyprus, and one in Turkey whom they sold in that same time frame. While producing players capable of playing at one of the top clubs in Europe is hard to do, Chelsea have been producing a ridiculous number of quality players over the last several years. Some may regret that we ever let Sinclair go, but frankly his success is a good thing in future recruiting. Best of luck at City Scott, and thank for earning us a few extra bucks when you went there.

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