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Cesar Azpilicueta gets a Chelsea squad number

Bongarts/Getty Images

After signing for Chelsea on Friday, we've been eagerly waiting to discover what numbers Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses will wear for Chelsea. Now we know. Partially, anyway. Moses' number is still unknown, but Azpilicueta has been revealed as wearing the number 28 shirt for Chelsea, as confirmed by the Chelsea Megastore USA website. There are also reports of the brick-and-mortar Megastore selling them already. Keep your eyes peeled for an official confirmation from the club soon.

This may be surprising to some of you, but every number less than 27 is taken by someone. This means Moses will likely wear a number higher than 28. Some of the numbers under 27 are taken by loaned players, and don't appear on Chelsea's site, but I believe they are still assigned. Notable examples include Thibaut Courtois with 13, Kevin De Bruyne with 14, Romelu Lukaku with 18, and Josh McEachran with 20. That's not say none of these numbers will be given to Moses, but if Azpilicueta taking 28 is any indication, it seems unlikely. In any case, we'll bring you news of Victor Moses number when we get it.

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