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Victor Moses speaks to Chelsea FC fans

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Victor Moses did his first interview as a Chelsea player this morning, and there were a few interesting comments of note in it. If you haven't yet read it, you probably should. One comment in particular caught my eye though, and that had to do with the player's versatility. When asked about that trait, Moses responded with the following:

Growing up I used to play centre-back in a Sunday league team but I had the feeling I could play further forward. When I was scouted by Crystal Palace I started playing in centre-midfield. Then I ended up playing as a striker, left wing, on the right - everywhere really. I went to Wigan to play left wing mainly but then the manager saw the way I was playing and he mostly used me on the right. Last season I played more on the right but sometimes on the left. I can also play up front or behind the striker, I can play anywhere up front. I'm comfortable wherever the manager wants to play me.

That really seems to fit exactly what Chelsea have been doing this season, acquiring players who can play several different positions and move about a little as the game goes on. Beyond making it easier to find depth in the squad, guys like Marin, Hazard, and Moses make it considerably easier to alter the squads tactics during the course of a match with a single substitution.

By this point, I think most of us are fairly excited about the squad we've seen assembled this summer. I think most of us will also be hoping to see a cameo from the new boys on the weekend, and hopefully we'll know their squad numbers in the very near future. Victor Moses seems excited by the opportunity as well, so I'll let him close out the article for me:

I just want to say to the fans to sit tight, there is more to come from Victor Moses and I hope to do my best for the club and that there are more trophies to come in the future.

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