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David Luiz flies to Barcelona, causes transfer rumour havoc

Below is a picture of the Mirror's back page tomorrow. The picture is one that David Luiz tweeted while he was on the plane to Barcelona for what Chelsea confirmed was a Nike promotional obligation. The headline: "I'm on my way to Barca."

The following is an excerpt from a Daily Mirror article by Dan Silver entitled: "Lazy journalism? How we broke the Robin van Persie transfer story.. and the truth about tabloid transfer rumours". Here goes:

First off, it should go without saying that none of our reporters invent stories - for kicks, or otherwise.

Every transfer story that you read on MirrorFootball or in the Daily Mirror has been properly sourced.

Sure, that source might be someone with a point to make or a message to send via the press - an agent wanting a better deal for his player, or a manager testing the water with regard to a potential purchase or sale, say.

But the point is, these conversations are taking place, and they're taking place at YOUR club.

As such, we see it as our duty to report them.

Have fun reconciling the two!


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