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Cavani Rumors Refuse To Die

Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images
Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images
Getty Images

Call me cynical. Call me jaded. Package, label, and brand it how you please, but excuse me while I refuse to wade into the murky waters that are the home-stretch of the summer transfer window. As it would appear that many print and digital outlets are desperate for readers/viewers/subscriptions and the like, journalistic integrity goes by the wayside in favor of salacious, and altogether inconceivable headlines that would almost certainly catch the eye of a passing supporter. In this vein, Chelsea have once again been linked with Napoli hitman Edinson Cavani. More, after the jump.

Look, I get the allure. Adding a player of Edinson's caliber to the fold would almost certainly put our squad in position for success on all fronts. It makes sense, therefore, that we all pine in unison for another multi-million pound striker, considering we're a tad light in that department. But, the speculation that's presently floating about the internet would lead you to believe that Chelsea have tabled a £40 million bid, while Manchester City appear to be battling simultaneously with a bid to prise the Uruguayan from our clutches.

The Sun, that bastion of high regard and moral fiber, believes the final price will land in the region of £35 million, with Chelsea working feverishly to agree a deal before the weekend's Newcastle fixture. Apparently, the hierarchy at Stamford Bridge are 'concerned' about 'misfiring' striker Fernando Torres. Because failing to score in one of the two competitive matches we've had this season clearly demarcates concern. Right, that makes total sense.

If I appear to be a tad too sarcastic, forgive me. But we appear to be doing the same dance we do each summer, even if the target changes by the year. Last season, we waltzed with the prospects of Luka Modric joining our ranks. His addition would have, and still remains, a viable one that would truly bolster our squad for the season ahead. This year, we've done the foxtrot with Hulk, and now the mambo with Cavani. In January, we'll likely find time to do a bit of the electric slide with Christian Erikson. The point? While all of this sounds delicious and wonderful, and makes me want to update my FIFA roster at once, it's not even remotely plausible.

While you can never rule Chelsea out of a last-gasp signing of epic proportions (see: TORRES, FERNANDO) I would advise a touch of realism at this precise moment. Shelling out £35 million for Cavani would be a great bit of business, if we didn't have a certain aforementioned Spanish striker on our books who's just looking for some love and minutes. Plus, adding Edinson would precipitate a major formation adjustment, something unlikely at this stage. I just can't imagine Roberto and Company making that drastic of a switch at this stage. It's more likely that we'll continue to push in the directions of Victor Moses, and even Hulk. But Edinson? I strongly doubt there are legs to this story.

Provided I'm wrong, and here's hoping I am, I'll be the first to admit it. But for now, file this under rubbish and feel free to continue your evening activities as planned.

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