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It's Cesar Azpilicueta quote o'clock!

You have no idea how much I hate this photograph. No. Idea.
You have no idea how much I hate this photograph. No. Idea.

So despite Branislav Ivanovic opening up our season's scoring with a goal (hurray), I have to imagine that we're all pretty interested in adding some cover at right back that isn't named Paulo Ferreira. It's been looking like that cover will be Marseille's Cesar Azpilicueta, and hey, here's more Cesar Azpilicueta stuff. We Ain't Got No History, giving you Google translated quotes from French since 1376 B.C.!

Ce sont des moments difficiles. Je suis là et j'essaye de faire le maximum. Il faut respecter le club dans lequel tu joues. Si je peux partir en offrant de l'argent à l'OM et que tout le monde est content : c'est le plus important.

J'ai passé des moments difficiles ici. Des fois, ça n'a pas bien fonctionné. Mais j'ai toujours tout donné. Je remercie les supporters car ils ont toujours été très bien. Ils n'avaient jamais scandé mon nom comme ça avant...


These are difficult times. I'm here and I try to do the maximum. should respect the club where you play. If I can go by offering money to the OM then everyone would be happy: this is the most important.

I had a hard time here continues Azpi. Sometimes it does not work well. But I always gave everything. thank the fans because they have always been very good. they had never chanted my name like that before ...

In other words, Azpilicueta wants to leave, and everyone around the club, including his fans, are expecting him to. There have been stories of Chelsea lowballing Marseille with their most recent bid -- I wouldn't take numbers particularly seriously at this point. I'd expect this thing to amble along until the end of the transfer deadline and then lo! new right back.


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