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Kevin De Bruyne Talks About His Best Position, Werder Bremen And More


Now that we've had the Kevin de Bruyne to Werder Bremen loan, it's time to get a few quotes from the man himself about the deal. We've known that he'd been pining for a loan, having recognised that he wasn't going to see much (if any) time at Chelsea this year, and now he's gotten the move he wants:

Werder has a big goal, and we want to achieve together. I'll do my best here. I have no favourite position, I am a very versatile player. That's good because I can be used where I can help most.

I talked with Marko Marin. He told me that it is a good team and a pleasant town. I've chosen Werder, because I had a good feeling, and a feeling in my heart for the club. To me it is important to gain a high level of playing and for me to develop.

-Source: Dan Levene, Sulia.

It's tempting to see the club loaning players out as giving up on them, but in actuality Bremen is a major step up for de Bruyne, whose previous experience outside of Belgium was a handful of Champions League group stage matches. The Bundesliga will be a challenge, and he'll have to compete with some pretty good players to earn himself minutes, but I'm fairly confident that he'll be able to slot into that side.

I'm actually hoping he gets regular starts in the hole as well as serving as the main backup for a deeper lying midfielder and the left wing. Versatility is an excellent thing for a player trying to get time on loan -- this is why Josh McEachran struggled at Swansea, incidentally -- and de Bruyne appears to be embracing it.

And if he does develop into a world-class player and we have a backlog of great talent... what then? Well, honestly, having too many good players isn't a problem at all. Chelsea want to have as talented a team as possible, and that means they'll try to stock up on as many developing players as possible.

It's not a bad thing to see, say, Thibaut Courtois entering his prime with Petr Cech still around, nor would it be some sort of tragedy if Oscar and de Bruyne ended up as exactly the same awesome player in the long run. Chelsea will be able to sell someone and reinforce elsewhere. Having too many excellent players is a very, very good problem to have, and we shouldn't treat it as though it's a major negative.

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